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SharePoint and/or Web sites maintained by individual faculty members at FIMS. 

Browser / OS Requirements

As a security measure, sites on this server that require a login can only be accessed using a browser that supports either Kerberos or NTML v2 authentication.

Tested Browsers include later versions of

  • Internet Explorer * works best (see note below)
  • Firefox
  • Mozilla
  • Netscape
  • Mac Safari under OS X Tiger

Note: Additionally Windows 95, 98, Me users must have NTML v2 security patches installed.

Logging In

Login  = DOMAIN\

Please ensure you include the domain when logging in:

e.g. FIMS\your-username (FIMS graduate students, staff, faculty)

or UWO\your-username (undergraduate students)

* Advanced Features
Sharepoint is a Microsoft product which relies on Microsoft Technologies like ActiveX to do many of the advanced Sharepoint features (eg uploads, editing, intregration of other MS products).   IE is currently the only browser that can fully utilize the advanced feature set of Sharepoint. 

If a more browser independent platform is required, UWO ITS provides instructors free access to WebCT Vista.